A Departure – originally posted August 5, 2012


I am presently knee deep in the second draft of my latest novel The Witches’ Own. This book I would definitely call a departure from my usual style. All of my books tend to have a paranormal frame, but this one in particular definitely has more of a horror edge. The genesis of this book was actually a very scary dream I had over twenty years ago. One that oddly enough stuck with me and now has evolved into something quite different. The book takes place in several different time frames, one being New England in the 1600s so I’ve found it necessary to look up some of the old Cotton Mather sermons on witchcraft to get a feel for the Puritanical speech. Just reading over those accounts of demonic possessions and accusations of witchcraft really leaves you with an eerie and disturbed feeling. What a truly claustrophobic and treacherous time that must have been to live in. Freedoms, fairness, and legal recourse we take for granted just didn’t exist. In any case I’m looking at an early September release date for this book. I’ll keep you updated.

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