A Jagged Balance – originally posted August 10, 2012


Earlier this year I was presented with an interesting and challenging prospect, crafting a novella for an ebook series that had already been created called The Ghost Files. The Ghost Files, created by Scott Nicholson and J.R. Rain, followed the adventures of a husband and wife paranormal investigating team and had been originated in a novella called Ghost College. The challenge for me was first meshing into a series that already existed and second creating a unique tension between horror and humor which seemed inherent in the first book.

The paranormal aspects of the book were no problem. Ever since A Ghost of A Chance I’ve been weaving paranormal plotlines also laced with plenty of humor. But the balance I was looking for in Ghost Soldier needed to be a bit thicker and edgier than I had crafted before. I remembered an old movie, which actually came out when I was in college, called “An American Werewolf in London.” In some ways I think it qualifies as a cult classic because it pretty much broke the mold of horror movies. One minute you were more than sure you were knee deep in a comedy and next you were plunged into quite unexpected and somewhat gruesome horror.

It was that element I decided to incorporate into Ghost Soldier, a sort of jagged balance where one minute Ellen and Monty Drew were quipping back and forth in light banter and the very next there is a ghost blowing his brains out literally. I strove for an uneven and jagged and hopefully jarring balance in the book to give the reader as many unexpected bumps along the way as I could.

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