The Broken Vow audio book

From the streets of New Orleans to the dazzling heights of Montségur join the enigmatic werewolf, Ethan Garraint, as he hunts arguably one of the most insidious villains of all time. The Broken Vow: Vol. I of the Clandestine Exploits of a Werewolf is now an audio book narrated by its author Evelyn Klebert.

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Brokenvow audiblelg


In the heart of every man there is a history. In the heart of every monster there is a story. In this first installment of The Clandestine Exploits of a Werewolf, Ethan Garraint is on a vendetta that begins in the heart of the Pyrenees with the fall of Montségur and leads him to the streets of New Orleans nearly 500 years later. But the person he chases isn’t really a man anymore and Ethan has been a werewolf for almost a millennium. With the aid of a gifted seer, he is on a blood hunt that will culminate in a journey that crosses the line between heaven and earth and ends somewhere in between.

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