Revisiting The Left Palm

With the recent release of the audio book of The Left Palm and other Halloween Tales of the Supernatural,  I decided to revisit this book and some of the inspirations that went into the stories.

The first story “Wolves” actually contains a character that I found continually resurfaced in my writing to the point that I decided to give him his own novel, The Broken Vow. Ethan Garraint is a werewolf who has been alive for many centuries. In this first story he is being hunted by a daughter who believes that he murdered her parents. The title itself denotes an ambiguity as to who is actually the wolf or hunter in this story and where exactly your sympathy should lie if anywhere at all.

The second story, “Emma Fallon,” was a story inspired by a trip to the Lafayette Cemetery, having actually seen this lovely name on a tomb. Much of the story takes place within the psyche of the heroine, unraveling just as her own perception of what she believes is real also unravels.

My next story goes a little bit darker definitely conveying the notion that nothing is as it seems. “The Soul Shredder” crosses into the realm of other dimensions that lie next to our own and a woman who has the ability to glimpse into that world. The idea that our actions in this world have far-reaching unseen consequences to us is an interesting idea to toy with and perhaps one to contemplate.

“Wildflowers” is a bit of a ghost story, a bit of a romance, and a tale that explores reincarnation from a different perspective. The idea of perceiving life well beyond the confines of our limited senses does intrigue me, and the heroine in this story is certainly challenged to embrace a far greater existence than conventional thought entertains.

The last story in the collection is called “The Left Palm.” In this story in the span of an ordinary day a young woman is forced to confront a figure of mythical proportions. It certainly does explore the idea that everyone’s life matters, no matter how inconsequential they may view themselves. Our choices can undeniably reverberate and impact the world in a powerful way.

I hope you’ll take some time to check out The Left Palm. And do enjoy the season.

— Evelyn



Just when all seems well and quiet, when all becomes comfortable and predictable, then reality bends. Evelyn Klebert takes you to a place where ordinary life fractures into the sphere of the paranormal. The journey begins with one woman’s unstoppable quest for vengeance against a supernatural creature in “Wolves”, and continues in an old historical graveyard where a horrifying discovery is uncovered in “Emma Fallon”. In “The Soul Shredder”, a psychiatrist’s unusual patient opens his eyes to a disturbing new view of reality, while in “Wildflowers” a woman strikes up a supernatural friendship with impossible implications. And in “The Left Palm” a fortuneteller in the French Quarter receives a most unexpected and terrifying customer.


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