Evelyn Klebert


Evelyn Klebert (1965-present) was born in the small town of Houma, Louisiana but did not find her true hometown of the soul until years later doing graduate work in English Literature and later marrying in the grand, enigmatic city of New Orleans. There she began to write and pursue a lifelong fascination for esoteric studies. She and her family relocated to Virginia for over a decade in the late 1990’s, living near the Appalachian mountains and later the Atlantic coast during which time she penned two paranormal novels, A Ghost of a Chance and An Uneasy Traveler.

After hurricane Katrina, Evelyn and her husband, a native of New Orleans, felt compelled to return to their former home and help in the revitalization effort. Over the last several years she has expanded into the field of esoteric poetry with Considerations and Explanations and has also completed a new collection of supernatural short stories The Left Palm as well as two new novels  set in the city of New Orleans entitled The Sanctuary of Echoes and Treading on Borrowed Time. Her latest works include the first installment of  a series entitled The Broken Vow and two volumes of a second series entitled Gravier’s Bookshop and The Hotel Mandolin.

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